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30 June 2021

Sky UK set to sell Spacetalk’s (ASX:SPA) Adventurer device



Sky UK is set to begin selling Spacetalk’s (SPA) Adventurer range of kids’ smartphone watches both in store and online from Q1 FY22.

Spacetalk first launched with Sky in late 2019 and despite challenges arising from COVID-19, awareness of the brand has continued to grow and sales are increasing.

Spacetalk Adventurer is the company’s next-generation 4G smartphone watch for kids aged between five to 12.

These watches allow parents to communicate with their children without allowing access to the internet meaning apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Parents are also able to block calls and messages from unknown numbers and will be notified if any try to call.

Currently, there is no guaranteed or minimum level of revenue, however, Spacetalk expects sales to have a positive impact on revenue.

“We are pleased to be expanding Spacetalk’s range across Sky’s UK shops and online. When Sky first launched Spacetalk’s original kids’ smartphone watch in late 2019, sales were unfortunately impacted by the restrictions introduced to limit the spread of COVID-19,” CEO Mark Fortunatow said.

“Despite these challenges, we’ve seen the continued strong growth of Spacetalk in ANZ and the successful launch and uptake of Adventurer by consumers and new tier-1 telcos and mass market retailers.”

Spacetalk was up 3.33 per cent on the market with shares trading at 15.5 cents at 11:25 am AEST.

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