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19 March 2021

Telstra to sell Spacetalk devices

Source: The Motley Fool

  • Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, to sell Spacetalk Adventurer devices in Australia
  • Adventurer to be placed on Telstra’s core wearable device range, and sell across Telstra’s national footprint of branded retail stores and online channels
  • Target launch in April 2021. Exhaustive device testing and certification by Telstra in final stage of completion
  • Available for outright purchase or on a Telstra hardware repayment option
  • Strong endorsement by Telstra of the customer need for Spacetalk devices, our leading market share and continuing strong sales growth

Spacetalk Ltd. (ASX ticker: SPA,, developer of innovative technologies that keep families safe and connected, is pleased to announce that Telstra Corporation Limited (“Telstra”) is to commence selling Spacetalk Adventurer devices across all Telstra retail stores and online channels in Australia, with a target launch in April 2021.

Telstra is Australia’s largest Mobile Network Operator (“MNO”), with a market-leading 19 million retail mobile services, the largest footprint of company branded bricks and mortar retail stores in Australia, and a strong online retail presence. Telstra will range Spacetalk Adventurer across its entire retail store network in Australia and Telstra online channels.

Telstra Retail and Regional Executive Fiona Hayes said: “Smartwatches are the fastest growing market for wearables globally and the addition of Spacetalk will strengthen Telstra’s connected smartwatches offering. Spacetalk is a market leader in Australia in connected smartwatches for children and seniors, providing a practical solution for families to stay connected.”

Spacetalk Adventurer will be placed on Telstra’s core wearables device range post completion of the final stages of exhaustive device testing and certification with Telstra, ensuring Adventurer is optimally configured for Telstra Australia’s network frequency bands.

Spacetalk’s range of all-in-one smartphone GPS watches for children (Spacetalk Kids and Spacetalk Adventurer) and seniors (Spacetalk Life) are purpose built with tailored features, design qualities and best practice data encryption, security and privacy technologies, for families to stay confidently connected. Fun, fashionable, secure and technologically advanced, Spacetalk devices deliver confidence for the child and senior wearer, enhanced controls for the guardian, and engaging functionalities for the whole family to stay connected.

The Spacetalk App is designed to provide a family environment for fun, engaging and secure media consumption beyond its device control functionalities for the guardian. Every linked contact – parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends – regardless of whether they are Android or iOS users, can interact with linked Spacetalk devices and each other through the Spacetalk App.

Go-to-market planned by Spacetalk and Telstra for the launch will include:

  • Joint marketing involving PR, influencer activity, digital marketing and eDM’s
  • Spacetalk being included in the Telstra Champions program, involving approximately 100 self-nominated staff members, trained as experts on Spacetalk who will help to drive product knowledge and sales in retail stores
  • High impact retail digital displays and billboards at Telstra’s icon stores in Sydneyand Melbourne.

Spacetalk Adventurer devices will initially be available for outright purchase or on a Telstra hardware repayment option where Telstra customers with a new or existing Telstra service (mobile plan, ADSL, NBN) can add a Spacetalk device to their Telstra account and pay for the Spacetalk devices on their bill over 12 or 24 months.

Telstra is working with Spacetalk towards building a compelling monthly SIM service plan specifically for Spacetalk devices which will simplify the offering for Spacetalk customers and allow Telstra to add new mobile service subscribers to their network.

Spacetalk CEO Mark Fortunatow said: “We are delighted by the ranging of Spacetalk Adventurer with Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company. This is a very strong endorsement of the quality of Spacetalk devices, with Adventurer to be placed on Telstra’s core wearable device range. It is also a recognition by Telstra of the growing market and customer need for Spacetalk devices, and our leadership in the category of kids connected smartwatches. Needless to say, we are extremely excited by the enhanced brand recognition and sales growth we expect from extending our customer reach with Australia’s largest MNO.”

Spacetalk was founded in 2001 and listed on the ASX in 2003 as MGM Wireless Limited, which developed the world’s first SMS student absence notification platform for schools and went on to become Australia’s most successful school messaging company. On 12 November 2020 the Company changed its name to Spacetalk Ltd (ASX ticker: SPA).

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